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Missing teeth can affect a person’s image, as well as make it difficult to eat and speak clearly. When you lose a tooth, it can also impact your jaw structure and even cause health problems. Therefore, if you are missing multiple teeth, full or partial dentures may be an option to consider.

Removable dentures are just one option. Fixed bridgework and dental implants are additional options to replace missing teeth. Each method has its pros and cons, which you need to carefully consider. There are also several varieties of dentures available, so the best one for you will depend on your individual situation.

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How Do Dentures Work?

Full or partial removable mouth appliances consist of a gum-colored base made of plastic resin. They fit over the bone ridge that formerly held the teeth. The prosthetic teeth projecting from the base are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth. Removable mouth appliances are held in place primarily by the suctioning effect of their close fit against the ridge, so it is important that they fit properly. Dentures are very stable, as the upper denture gets extra support from the roof of the mouth.

Wearing these appliances may require some getting used to at first, particularly in terms of talking and eating. However, over time, the nerves, muscles and ligaments of the mouth learn to work in new ways. Likewise, these appliances help support the jawbone and tissues in the mouth, which can make you look more youthful.

Types of Removable 

  • Immediate. Immediate dentures can help you transition to successful denture wearing. Because of the muscular readjustment required, as well as the natural shrinkage of gums, the sets are placed immediately after tooth extraction. Since the healing is not complete, they won’t fit as well as permanent dentures. However, they allow you to have new teeth right away.
  • Conventional. This set require the jaw to heal after the teeth are removed, so you may be without teeth for several months. These permanent dentures are made with near-perfect accuracy. They rank high in both looks and function. 
  • Implant-Supported Overdentures.As the name implies, the dentures use implants to anchor the dentures in place. The upper jaw typically requires more implants than the lower jaw due to a decreased bone density.

Types of Partial Dentures

  • Transitional Partials. These plastic dentures are used as a temporary tooth replacement method as you wait for your mouth to heal from tooth extraction. Once the healing process is complete, the dentist can place implants. 
  • Removable Partials (RPDs). These metal-based removable partial dentures are well-constructed but also much lighter than those made of plastic. While they fit well, they are a little more expensive than plastic sets.

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Dentures are a good way to replace an entire way of missing teeth and enhance your smile. They can also allow you to eat the foods you enjoy. The dentists at Middleboro Family Dental can determine if dentures are right for you. To schedule a consultation, call (508) 947-4411 today.


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