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If you’re missing a tooth, there are several options available, but the best one is a dental implant procedure. This tooth replacement can last you decades and possibly even the rest of your life with proper care. Implants are also beneficial in they actually preserve the bone in your jaw. Bone loss can occur when you lose teeth, so implants can be a healthy choice. 

Dental Implant Defined

A dental implant uses a titanium post shaped like a small screw to replace the root of a missing tooth. The implant is inserted directly into the jawbone in the space where the tooth once was. The implant must then heal for several months before the dentist attaches the final crown is attached. In addition, the dental implant actually fuses to the surrounding bone to create a strong implant.

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Most implants are successful. In fact, the success rate is more than 95%, which is much higher than any other tooth-replacement option.

If you are missing a tooth, dental implants may be a good choice for you. Middleboro Family Dental offers implants for those who desire a realistic-looking smile. Call our office today at (508) 947-4411 to learn more.

Tooth Replacement Options Using Dental Implants

Implants can be used to replace one or more teeth. When you have one tooth missing, a single implant is inserted into the bone to replace the root of that tooth. A crown is then placed on top to simulate an actual tooth. An implant is an excellent investment for replacing one missing tooth. The initial cost is higher than other options, but the implant will never decay or need root canal treatment. It also looks and feels like a natural tooth. 

Implants can also be used to replace multiple teeth. However, you don’t need one implant for every missing tooth. Instead, you can use implant teeth to support fixed bridgework. For example, if you have three missing teeth, the dentist can place two implants, one on each side of the gap, with a crown in between them. 

Implants can also be used to support removable dentures. Implants can make removable dentures more comfortable to wear. Traditional dentures put pressure on the underlying bone, which accelerates bone loss. A dentist can attach a removable denture onto the implants to prevent the dentures from slipping while you eat and speak. 

Dental Implant Care and Maintenance

Poor oral hygiene and excessive biting forces are two ways in which a dental implant can fail. Poor oral hygiene can cause a destructive bacterial infection called peri-implantitis. Flossing and brushing your teeth daily and getting professional cleanings on a regular basis can prevent this. Excessive biting forces occur in those who clench or grind their teeth. Get a nightguard to prevent this.

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Dental implants have the ability to replace missing teeth and give you a gorgeous smile. The dentists at Middleboro Family Dental offer implants and many other cosmetic dentistry options to help you feel more confident about your smile. Learn more about your options by calling (508) 947-4411 today.


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