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Most people have had a cavity at some point in their lives. Many children get cavities due to sugar consumption and poor dental hygiene. Cavities cause a hole in the teeth. To fill in these holes, the dentist uses dental fillings.

As the name implies, fillings fill in the holes. They can seal in small holes caused by decay. By sealing the holes, this prevents the decay from spreading further into the inner pulp. If this happens, root canal treatment may be needed.

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The first step is to determine the extent of the decay. Then the decayed area of the tooth is removed with a dental drill. The tooth will be numbed first. After removing the decay, the remaining tooth structure is etched with an acidic solution. Then the dentist applies cement to bond the filling material to the tooth. 

Don’t let a cavity continue to grow. Get it treated with a filling right away. Middleboro Family Dental offers a variety of fillings to choose from. To learn more about your options, call (508) 947-4411.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are two categories of dental fillings: metal fillings and tooth-colored fillings. 

Metal fillings include amalgam alloys. This silver-colored filling is an alloy made of silver, mercury, copper, and tin. The metals combined make the filling stable and safe. While inexpensive and durable, these fillings are quite noticeable. They also require more tooth preparation than other types.

Another type of metal filling is gold fillings. These are the most expensive fillings. They are very strong and last a long time, but are also very noticeable.

Tooth-colored fillings are a good choice for those who want fillings that are unnoticeable. Composite fillings are a mixture of glass and plastic. These materials bond to the rest of the tooth. When compared to amalgam fillings, composite fillings are more expensive and less durable.

Porcelain fillings are made of high-tech dental ceramics. They are durable and resistant to stains. They are made using specialized computer-generated technology and a dental laboratory. These fillings are aesthetically pleasing but can be brittle.

Glass ionomer fillings are made of glass powders and acrylic. They release small amounts of fluoride to help prevent decay. They are translucent and inexpensive, but not very long-lasting.

What to Expect After Getting a Filling

After a filling, your mouth may feel numb for a couple of hours. You may experience some sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods, but that should wear off within a couple of weeks. If you feel pain when biting, your filling may need to be adjusted.

Brush and floss every day as normal every day. See your dentist twice a year for cleanings and exams. By doing so, you can prevent future occurrences of tooth decay. 

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Overall, cavities are common occurrences, and fortunately, your dentist has the tools and technology to help keep your teeth healthy. The dentists at Middleboro Family Dental offer a variety of filling types to seal your tooth and prevent bacteria. Call (508) 947-4411 to schedule an appointment today.


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